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The Doo Wop Project, Old School New Generation (2022)

The Doo Wop Project, Live Concert Event (2022)

4Front, Malice in Wonderland (2011) Spec Records

4Front, Radio Waves Goodbye (2001) Spec Records

4Front, Gravity (1998) Spec Records

Happy the Man, The Muse Awakens (2005) InsideOut Music

Joe Bergamini, Arrival (1996) Spec Records

Gettin’ the Band Back Together, Original Broadway Cast Recording (2018) Ghostlight Records

Frank Wyatt & Friends, Zeitgeist (2019) (independent) (on track “The Approach”)

Flaud Logic, Flaud Logic (2013) (independent)

Eternal Vision, Last Century Shock (1994) Trinity Records

Eternal Vision, Earth Bone (1992) Trinity Records

Bumblefoot, Uncool (2000) Jaff/BMG

R.Evolcion Latina, Dare to Go Beyond (2010) Rock-It Science Records

“Ibby It Is (Live),” Happy the Man, After the Storm (2006) (Various Artists), InsideOut Music

“Jingle Bells,” Wade Preston, Broadway’s Greatest Gifts Vol 7: Carols for a Cure (2005) Rock-It Science Records

“¡Vengan!” Cast of In the Heights, Broadway’s Greatest Gifts Vol 12: Carols for a Cure (2010) Rock-It Science Records

Playground, What Was Is (2007) (independent)

Friday’s Child, Friday’s Child (1997) (independent)

Roia Rafieyan, Look Inside (2009) (independent)


GADD: A Life in Time, 2023, Hudson Music

Stewart Copeland: Drumming the The Police and Beyond, 2022, Hudson Music

The Working Drummer’s Chart Book, 2021, Hudson Music

Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage, 2012, Hudson Music

Arrival Drum Play-Along, 2013, Wizdom Media/Alfred Music Publishing Co.

Drum Techniques of Led Zeppelin, 2005, Alfred Music Publishing Co.

MD Classic Tracks, 2002, Modern Drummer Publications

Turn It Up & Lay It Down (with Kevin Fuhrman), 2004, Alfred Music Publishing Co.

Operation: Rockenfield: The Drumming of Queensryche (with Craig LeMay), 2006, Carl Fischer

Drumming Out Of the Shadows: The Music of Jason Bittner and Shadows Fall (with Willie Rose), 2007, Carl Fischer

Polyrhythmic Potential (with Chris Pennie), 2008, Carl Fischer

Pedal Control (with Dom Famularo), 2010, Wizdom Media/Alfred Music Publishing Co.

It’s Your Move (with Dom Famularo), 1996, Alfred Music Publishing Co.

Editor (Books) (selected highlights):

Gaddiments. by Steve Gadd, 2021, Hudson Music

LIBERTY: Life, Billy, and the Pursuit of Happiness, by Liberty DeVitto, 2020, Hudson Music

It’s About Time: Jeff Porcaro, The Man and His Music by Robyn Flans, 2020, Hudson Music

Buddy Rich: One of a Kind by Pelle Berglund, 2019, Hudson Music

Bobby Morris: My Las Vegas by Bobby Morris, 2018, Hudson Music

Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset by Mark Guiliana, 2016, Hudson Music

Pathways of Motions by Steve Smith, 2017, Hudson Music

Methods and Mechanics Companion Book by Todd Sucherman, 2011, Hudson Music

Filling in the Grooves by Jim Toscano, 2019, Wizdom Media/Alfred Music Publishing Co.

Ultimate Progressive Drumming by Alex Cohen, 2019, Hudson Music

The Evolution of Jazz Drumming by Danny Gottlieb, 2010, Hudson Music

Groove Alchemy by Stanton Moore, 2010, Hudson Music

The Breakbeat Bible by Michael Adamo, 2010, Hudson Ltd.

Groove Essentials 2.0: The Play-Along by Tommy Igoe, 2008, Hudson Music

The Language of Drumming by Benny Greb, 2008, Hudson Music

Advanced Groove Concepts by Sam Aliano, 2018, Wizdom Media/Alfred Music Publishing Co.

Open-Handed Playing Vol. 2: A Step Beyond by Claus Hessler, 2011, Wizdom Media/Alfred Music Publishing Co.

Producer/Co-Producer/Associate Producer:

Hudson Music DVDs:

Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage – A Lifetime of Live Performance (Co-Producer)

Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy (Co-Producer)

Aaron Spears: Beyond the Chops (Co-Producer)

Jason Bittner: What Drives the Beat (Co-Producer)

John Blackwell: Master Series (Co-Producer)

David Garibaldi: Breaking the Code (Co-Producer)

Modern Drummer Festival 2008 (Associate Producer)

Modern Drummer Festival 2010 (Associate Producer)

Modern Drummer Festival 2011 (Associate Producer)

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