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Joe is available for private instruction both online (via Zoom) and in person at his studio in New Jersey. With 30+ years experience and hundreds of students over the years, including world-renowned pros like Mark Guiliana, Joe’s approach and curriculum has been proven by the number of students who have gone on to professional careers using his approach.

As a pro drummer who has performed all styles of music, Joe’s educational philosophy reflects an emphasis on versatility. Courses of study include hand technique, reading, drumset independence, double bass, rudiments, and especially an understanding of and ability to play in all the major drumset styles: rock, jazz, funk, R&B, and Latin.

Joe’s heavy involvement in the drumset publishing world brings a special level of expertise to his teaching practice. As an author and publishing professional who is familiar with literally hundreds of titles, Joe utilizes dozens of the best available drumset materials (books, DVDs, and downloads) in his teachings, from classic standards like Stick Control all the way up to and including the latest digital releases from Hudson Music. As a drummer who has a special affinity for progressive rock music, Joe also enjoys incorporating aspects of this style with students who are interested in it, covering areas such as playing in odd time signatures, and analyzing the drumming of greats such as John Bonham and Neil Peart.

Joe’s studio is equipped with tons of pro gear to allow teacher and student to play alone, together, or with play-along material. Two full Tama kits are outfitted with Sabian, Evans, Vic Firth, and LP products. There are 2 practice pad stations with mirror, and a full A/V rig for play-along, listening, and recording.

 If you are interested in online or in-person lesson availability and pricing, please contact Joe through the web form, below:

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