Operation: Rockenfield – The Drumming of Queensryche (Book/CD)

By Joe Bergamini with Craig LeMay

Transcription/collectible book written under the supervision of Scott Rockenfield. Contains interviews, photos, band history, and note-for-note transcriptions of 20 Queensryche tracks. All of the additional material, such as the 3 new interviews with Scott, diagrams and photos of all of his drum kits through the years, and personal recollections from Scott on the making of each album, make this book a must for Queensryche fans in general–not just drummers.

Included is a CD on which Scott has re-recorded the drum parts for the songs by themselves, for analyzation with the charts. Included are the following songs:

  • Anarchy-X
  • Best I Can
  • Breakdown
  • Disconnected
  • Empire
  • Eyes of a Stranger
  • I Don’t Believe in Love
  • Jet City Woman
  • The Lady Wore Black
  • Operation: Mindcrime
  • Queen of the Reich
  • Revolution Calling
  • Spreading the Disease
  • Silent Lucidity
  • Sign of the Times
  • Take Hold of the Flame
  • Tribe
  • Warning
  • Walk in the Shadows
  • The Whisper


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