Drumming Out Of the Shadows: The Music of Jason Bittner and Shadows Fall (Book/CD)

By Joe Bergamini

Transcriptions by Willie Rose

From Joe’s series of transcription/collectible books, this book features note-for-note transcriptions of 17 Shadows Fall songs, notes from Jason discussing his memories of recording each album, Jason’s personal double bass drum exercises, exclusive interviews, and tons of exclusive photos and artwork.

At 122 pages, the book is designed for the general fan as much as the drummer. One of the most exciting things about the book is that it contains the entire Shadows Fall album The War Within, for which Jason won the Best Recorded Performance award in Modern Drummer magazine for 2005. This exclusive CD contains the entire album with the drums taken off, so you can have the experience of filling the shoes of award-winning drummer Jason Bittner.


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