Polyrhythmic Potential (Book/CD)

By Chris Pennie with Joe Bergamini

With both educational material and note-for-note transcriptions, this unique book reveals the polyrhythmic concepts employed by Chris Pennie in his groundbreaking work with the Dillinger Escape Plan. The first half of the book contains step-by-step analysis of various polyrhythms and their applications, while the second half contains transcriptions of select tracks from the Dillinger Escape Plan album Miss Machine, showing the ideas in action.

The CD includes MP3 audio files of tracks minus drums and drums-only examples, plus Reason files that can be sped up and slowed down on your computer as you learn them! Topics include: sticking polyrhythms, rhythmic scales, rudiment grooves, double bass paradiddle grooves, ostinato polyrhythms, and more.

Included are play-along versions of the following Dillinger Escape Plan songs: “Panasonic Youth,” “Sunshine the Werewolf,” “Phone Home,” “Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants,” and “Baby’s First Coffin.”


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