MD Classic Tracks (Book)


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MD Classic Tracks
MD Classic Tracks (Book) $12.95

By Joe Bergamini

Designed as a reference tool for the contemporary player, MD Classic Tracks contains note-for-note transcriptions of legendary tracks performed by 13 of the most important drumset artists of our time. These challenging songs have been selected because they represent these legendary players and because these songs have never appeared in a complete, published transcription before.

  • The songs included are:
  • John Bonham: Led Zeppelin, “Out On The Tiles”
    Keith Moon: The Who, “The Real Me”
    Phil Collins: Genesis, “Dance on a Volcano”
    Steve Gadd: Paul Simon, “Late in the Evening”
    Stewart Copeland: The Police, “Driven To Tears”
    Simon Phillips: Jeff Beck, “Space Boogie”
    Neil Peart: Rush, “The Camera Eye”
    Jeff Porcaro: Toto, “Rosanna”
    Terry Bozzio: Jeff Beck, “Sling Shot”
    Vinnie Colaiuta: Vinnie Colaiuta, “I’m Tweeked”
    Mike Portnoy: Dream Theater, “6:00”
    Steve Smith: Journey, “One More”
    Carter Beauford: Dave Matthews Band, “Tripping Billies”

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