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Pedal Control (Book/MP3 disc) $16.99

By Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini with Stephane Chamberland

With Pedal Control, renowned educators Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini have teamed up to bring you a complete method for improving the ability of your feet on the drumset. The book contains extensive information about the actual pedal strokes and techniques used by some of the world’s top drummers, in addition to dozens of exercises to build up the ability to use these techniques.

Pedal Control is about a deeper understanding of foot movement on the drumset. Years of learning, performing and teaching have been the basis of this information. The power of great foot execution adds an intensity to modern music that has revolutionized modern drumming. Simply put, Pedal Control is about controlling your pedals: whether two bass drums, double pedal, single pedal and hi-hat, or any other configuration. It is about you achieving the ability to play whatever idea your heart and mind dictate, on whatever setup you choose!

Part 1 of this book focuses on a complete explanation of 4 contemporary pedal techniques, while in part 2, exercises from Dom’s classic book It’s Your Move have been adapted for foot development, accompanied by tons of new material and challenging solos to build up your foot technique. There are plenty of photographs throughout the book clearly demonstrating each of the four different pedal techniques discussed, as well as the motions for various other exercises.

Includes an MP3/data disc containing over 200 MP3 tracks demonstrating nearly every example in the book, and 7 QuickTime videos clearly showing the pedal techniques.

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