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Joe plays tracks for Carmine Appice’s new drum book

Carmine Appice: Realistic Drum Fills Vol. 1

Thanks to Mike Haid and Modern Drummer magazine for the great 4-star review of Hudson’s new book, Realistic Drum Fills Vol. 1: Replacements, by Carmine Appice. Joe had the honor and pleasure of playing the demo tracks on the CD for this book, at Carmine’s request. A wonderful book for teachers and students, the book is available in Joe’s online store.

 “Rock legend Carmine Appice continues his award-winning Realistic instructional series with this 75-page guide to creating more interesting drum fills by developing hand/foot combinations. Famous for this technique, Appice starts with basic 8th-note sticking patterns and then replaces certain strokes with bass drum notes. The process can help at interesting colors and energy to bland fill ideas. The book progresses into triplet and 16th-note patterns that grow more complex and include accents within the patterns. Hudson Music senior drum editor Joe Bergamini is Appice’s “replacement” on the accompanying CD, providing various audio examples of the written exercises.”

-Mike Haid/Modern Drummer

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