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Working Drummer's Chart Book

Joe releases The Working Drummer’s Chart Book through Hudson Music

Joe is thrilled to announce his new book, The Working Drummer’s Chart Book, available both physically and digitally through Hudson Music. Released June 1, 2021, the book is available physically and digitally from Hudson Music. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Working Drummer's Chart Book
Working Drummer’s Chart Book

With The Working Drummer’s Chart Book, Joe Bergamini provides insight into how to create useful drum charts for any type of musical situation that involves learning songs quickly and reading on the gig. Joe shows his method of creating short, clear charts, and then presents 26 charts of songs that are often called on club dates, corporate gigs, bar gigs, and the like. The book contains:

  • Approach to creating clear one-page drum charts.
  • Three of Joe’s handwritten charts (“Man in the Mirror,” “Rocket Man,” and “My Own Worst Enemy”)
  • 26 professionally engraved song charts (including “Uptown Funk,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Shut Up and Dance,” “Jessie’s Girl,” and many more).
  • “The Gig Rig,” a discussion of metronomes, apps, and gear needed for pro chart reading on the job.

The Working Drummer’s Chart Book hits all the essential points of writing a clear and functional drum chart. Joe’s method makes sense and is easily adaptable to any kind of music in any imaginable musical situation. The information in this book will give you the tools you need to navigate your gigs!”

  • Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information)

“Joe has had a lot of experience with a variety of gigs where charts were the only way to get through the job. He’s put together a collection of shortcuts that can help you get the gig and keep the gig.”

  • Todd Sucherman (Styx)

The Working Drummers Chart Book is just what it says—a needed musical tool for removing the fear of understanding and reading charts. You will develop the confidence to write drum charts for yourself and learn the skill of using your ears to read. Simple and to the point! Thanks, Joe, for this… well needed!”

  • Dom Famularo (Drumming’s Global Ambassador)

“After playing over 1000 club dates, I’ve had to learn quite a few songs. This book helped me find a faster, more efficient way to create a drum chart. This is valuable to any drummer who plays club dates or finds themselves substituting for other drummers, with limited or no rehearsals. If you’re learning new tunes every week, this book is for you. Excellent work, Joe.”

  • Dave Anthony (Hank Lane Productions, Renaissance Worship)
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