It’s Your Move (Book)


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It’s Your Move (Book) $21.95

By Dom Famularo with Joe Bergamini

Dom’s classic book, outlining his legendary approach to the drumset. A complete handbook on drum technique, including full illustrated descriptions of the Moeller Stroke, the Free Stroke, and other important drum techniques. Also includes Dom’s customized drumset lessons focusing on various skills including flams, ruffs, groove creativity, odd time signatures, and much more.

“I began writing this book years ago while teaching. There were many common issues and challenges facing my students at that time. I have found that these exercises work to give the drummer a full palette of skills and tools for contemporary drumset playing.” – Dom Famularo

Joe studied this material with Dom before it was published, and worked with Dom to complete the book, including writing all the text. A drum theory classic!

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