Performance Kit

This is a diagram of my performance kit. I use Tama drums, Sabian Cymbals Evans Drumheads, Vic Firth sticks and LP Percussion, exclusively. Thanks to these companies for your many years of support, and for the great gear!

Joe's Kit 2017

  • DRUMS: TAMA Starclassic Maple in Flat Burgundy Metallic finish: (a) 8″ Timp-Tom, (b) 5×10″ Artwood Maple snare drum, (c) 5×14″ snare (or one of various SLP models) (d) 6×8″, (e) 7×10″, and (f) 8×12″ toms, (g) 14×14″ and (h) 16×16″ floor toms, (i) 18×22″ bass drum
  • CYMBALS: SABIAN: (1) 20″ HH Dark Chinese, (2) 10″ Max Stax (3) 14″ Artisan Hats, (4) 9″ HHX Evolution Splash (5) 7″ HHX Evolution Splash, (6) 17″ HHX Evolution Crash, (7) 18″ HHX Evolution Crash, (8) 21″ HH Raw Bell Dry Ride, (9) 18″ HH Thin Chinese, (10) 12″ AA Mini Hats or 16″ Sizzler Stax (16″ AA Sick Hat over 16″ XSR Chinese) (11) 19″ HHX Evolution Crash
  • HEADS: EVANS: Power Center Reverse Dots on snare drums, Clear EC2 on tops of all toms, Clear G1 on bottoms of all toms and top of Timp-Tom, Hazy 300 on bottoms of snare drums, Clear EMAD2 on batter side of bass drum, white EQ3 on front of bass drum
  • STICKS: VIC FIRTH Dave Weckl Evolution, Heritage brushes, various mallets, Rutes and Tala Wands. 55A for heavier playing.
  • PERCUSSSION: LP: Various setups used, including  LP Mambo cowbell, LP Everything Rack with Jam Block High, LP Tapon cowbell, LP Cha-Cha cowbell, LP Ridge Rider Rock cowbell, and LP Cyclops tambourine, and Gajate Bracket with Low Jam Block or cowbell.
  • HARDWARE: TAMA including Iron Cobra Rolling Glide double pedal, Iron Cobra Lever Glide hi-hat stand, First Chair throne, Star cymbal stands.
  • OTHER: CymPads, Roland SPD-S

More Gear: My Teaching Studio

My teaching studio is setup for an inspiring, fun and effective practice and lesson experience, with lots of cool gear!

  1. TAMA Starclassic Bubinga Omnitune kit, with SABIAN cymbals, of course. This amazing-sounding kit lives in my studio. I use many different models of SABIANs in the studio, depending on the music I’m playing.
  2. “Student” kit in my studio: Tama Superstar (all birch shells) with Tama 5×14 Artwood Snare Drum. Sabian cymbals might include 14 Stage Hats, 21 AAX Memphis Ride, 10 AAX O-Zone Splash, 16 & 18 HHX Stage Crashes, 20 HHX Stage Ride, 17 AAXPlosion Chinese, 16 Sizzler Stax. Evans drumheads include (currently) Onyx on all toms.
  3. View of the studio.
  4. Left side of kit showing 8″ SC Timp Tom and 10″ Artwood Maple snare (customized with StarCast hoop and mount).