Joe’s Main Setup

(photos taken at Star City Recording, Bethlehem PA, October 2010, 4Front sessions)

CYMBALS: SABIAN: (1) 20″ HH Dark Chinese, (2) 10″ HH Splash, (3) 14″ HHX Legacy Hats, (4) 8″ Max Stax (sometimes mounted between front toms), (5) 8″ HH Splash, (6) 17″ HHX Legacy Crash, (7) 18″ HHX Legacy Crash, (8) 22″ HHX Legacy Ride, (9) 18″ HH Thin Chinese, (10) 12″ AA Mini Hats, (11) 18″ HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash

DRUMS:TAMA Starclassic Maple: (a) 8″ Timp-Tom, (b) 5×10″ Artwood Maple snare drum, (c) 14″ SLP Vintage Steel or 14″ Starclassic G-Maple snare drum (d) 7×8″, (e) 8×10″, and (f) 8×12″ toms, (g) 14×14″ and (h) 16×16″ floor toms, (i) 16×22″ bass drum (not shown: 14×20″ gong bass drum).

HEADS: EVANS: Power Center Reverse Dots on snare drums, Clear EC2 on tops of all toms, Clear G1 on bottoms of all toms and top of Timp-Tom, Hazy 300 on bottoms of snare drums, Clear EMAD2 on batter side of bass drum, Black EQ3 on front of bass drum, HQ Eco-Pad Practice Pads.

STICKS: VIC FIRTH Dave Weckl Evolution Model, Heritage Brushes, various mallets and Rutes.

PERCUSSSION: LP: Various setups used. Shown is common setup for live shows with (aa) LP Everything Rack with Jam Block High, LP Tapon cowbell, LP Cha Cha cowbell, LP Ridge Rider Rock cowbell, and LP Cyclops tambourine, (bb) Gajate Bracket with Low Jam Block, and (ee) LP Mambo cowbell.

HARDWARE: TAMA including (dd) Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Twin Pedal, (cc) Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand, Ergo-Rider Throne, Roadpro Stands, FastClamps

More Equipment

1.  Left side of my kit showing 8″ Timp-Tom and 10″ Artwood Snare (mounted with a Star-Cast bracket). Mounted above is a Roland SPD-S. The Tama Power Tower drum rack is the one I used on the Movin’ Out national tour.

2. View of my Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omnitune kit miked up in my studio. 8,10,12 toms, 14 & 16 floor toms, and 22 kick, shown with my 6.5×14 Tama Powermetal Brass Snare. The Sabian cymbal setup I use in my studio is lighter than what I use live: 8 & 10 HH Splashes, 14 Legacy Hats, 17 & 18 Legacy Crashes, 22 Legacy Heavy Ride, 20 HH Dark Chinese, 18 HH Thin Chinese, 10 AA Mini-Hats, 8 Max Stax, 18 Evolution O-Zone Crash, 10 Chopper, and 10 Calhoun Alien Disc. Evans heads on this kit are Clear EC2s on toms, Clear EMAD on kick, and Power Center Reverse Dots on snare drums. LP gear includes Merengue Guiro and Mambo Cowbell.

3. View of my stick bag showing the Vic Firth products I use, including their drum headphones. I use Dave Weckl Evolution model sticks most of the time (sometimes using other models as the gig requires). I also always carry Heritage Brushes, Tala Wands, Rute 202, Swizzle mallets, and Becken cymbal mallets.

4. View of my Iron Cobra pedals, left side of kit. L to R: Roland hi-hat trigger pedal (attached to SPD-S), Rolling Glide single pedal (attached to SPD-S via Roland bass drum trigger), Iron Cobra Hi-Hat, Rolling Glide Twin Pedal slave side.

5. Student kit in my studio: Tama Superstar (all birch shells) with Tama 5×14 Artwood Snare Drum. Sabian cymbals include 14 Stage Hats, 21 AAX Memphis Ride, 10 AAX O-Zone Splash, 16 & 18 HHX Stage Crashes, 20 HHX Stage Ride, 18 HHX Evolution Chinese, 12 AA Mini-Hats, 14 HHX Studio Crash. Evans drumheads include Coated G2s on all toms. Also includes LP Jam Block Low, Gajate Bracket, Black Beauty Cowbell, and Ridge Rider Rock Cowbell (not shown, usually mounted on bass drum).